welcome on this new website used by Handuro Sport et Santé !

Each year, the association organizes an event at the beginning of June dedicated to the discovery of sports for people with disabilities.


Handuro, our yearly event

This event is reserved for people with disabilities and their companions. Registration is mandatory.


To register, to obtain posters, to complete the various official documents, our contact can be reached calling this phone number : 06 83 49 00 46.

To support the organization's costs, we are organizing a fundraiser:

Our association organizes annual cycles of sports sessions during the school term, with different practices organized by level:

  • in the gym: bodybuilding, pilates and rhythmic sports dance,
  • in swimming pool: aquasoft, aquagym, swimming lessons for children and adults.

Sport et santé, activities during scholar year

To register and obtain a printed version of the programs, our contact can be reached by calling this phone number :  06 75 84 19 43.

Participation is reserved for people registered and members of the association.